Bike & Pics


Bike & Pics

Visit Paris and have great pictures without the hassle

Have you ever felt like you weren’t really visiting the city, just searching for the good spots without really finding them? Have you ever come home from holidays just to realize you took all of the family pictures, but were barely on one or two?

Well I have good news: you can have a photographer that knows every good spot in the city, will happily take you there and will make all of the pictures so you have not only a great trip, but great memories too. You will discover the city by bike, which is the best way to see it and the fastest way to move around In Paris anyway, and go straight to the best view and the good picture spot.

How it works?

I’m a pro photographer (shooting 80+ weddings and events per year) who has been living in Paris for the past 20 years. I shoot street photography all the time, which is how I find every spot I will take you to. And I love the city, rediscovering it every time I am travelling on my bike.

We decide on a date and time, and you get rental bikes 15 minutes before the departure time (don’t worry, bikes are available at every corner in Paris and I will send you a how to guide beforehand). I meet you at the rendez-vous point, and we go for a 2-3 hour ride in the city, depending on what we are scheduled to see.

I am not an official tour guide so please keep in mind that I will not take you to visit inside the actual spots, I will show you around town and make crazy beautiful pictures of you in the best places, so I suggest that you start the trip with me so you can decide afterwards what you really want to visit, and so you know how to get there by the coolest means of transportation available.